Intuitive Tattooing

Time and time again my clients have this feeling that their tattoo feels like 'it's always been there'.  For some, this happens immediately upon applying the stencil.  For others it's a revelation the next morning when they 'barely notice' their very new, very prominent tattoo in the mirror.  The truth is, it has always been there.  It's not my job to simply make something to put on your skin.  I am trusted with bringing to the surface what has always been there, but lies unseen.  Tattoos are the symbolism and art that inherently already lives in us.  Traditionally you'd come up with an idea for a tattoo, take it to a tattoo artist and either pick something off the wall or ask them to design that piece for you.  They might design something in their style, and put some artistic twist on it, but it was a very straightforward process.  I believe that each tattoo should fit the body and the energy appropriately.  In this way, Intuitive tattooing is less about 'what' you want and more about the why.  For some it's for themselves and their journey (who they are or who they're becoming).  For others it's about a person or people (family, ancestors, loved ones).  Some ask for guidance and the piece contains the steps they are about to take in their lives.  Ultimately, tattooing in this way can be spellwork.  It honors the matriarchal lines of ancient blood magic and brings verbal & spiritual intention into the tangible realm.  The reverence for and responsibility to this practice is something I hold in the highest regard.  That is why, in part, I have only recently started talking openly about this portion of my practice.  This path is not for every client, but if this is something that resonates for you and it is a journey that you are willing to embark on, I know you will find what you are looking for.  Once I have gathered the necessary information from you, I have my own process to go through to bring your piece forward.

I book intuitive sessions the same as all others.  Submit the form when my books are open, there will be an option to let me know you're interested in the intuitive process ;-)

Things to consider:

1. Style: Let me know if there's a particular style of mine that you're gravitating towards for this piece. Totes ok to send images of tattoos that have the right 'feel' even if the subject matter isn't perfect. 

2. Why: tell me about why you want this piece.  As much or as little as you are comfortable expounding on is welcome.  There can be some 'whats' you want tattooed in there as well, but the 'why' is what I will expound from.

3. Consent: let me know if you are energetically open to me meditating on your journey, pulling cards, etc. to illustrate things and gain deeper insight to create the piece. I do not go this deep unless the client gives me permission as I see it as an invasion of energetic privacy.  Also, I can't really tap in if you're not open to it. 

4. Location: Send me a photo of the area 'to be tattooed': have someone take it for you so it's straight on, no angles/selfies. This way I don't over or under design something and I can fit it directly to your body/muscle structure.

Here are some links and examples of intuitive pieces:

‚ÄčLily and Mandala